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Make learning a foreign language as fun as listening to your favorite songs

Learn   to   a   new   Tune

 LingDisco’s mission is to reduce the effort and stress of learning a foreign language by creating an immersive learning experience with music. Complement your language learning by discovering and learning with great songs in your target language.


Synced Lyrics

Have trouble figuring out what’s being said? No worries. Make listening easy with synced lyric videos where lyrics are synced line by line with the music video so you can follow (or sing) along


Mini Lessons

Struggling with those verb conjugations and are tired of memorizing tables? Learn the fun way with different grammar and vocab lessons built around your favorite songs. 


AI Explainer

Need some extra help understanding a line in a song? Click on that line and quickly pull up a chat-box and get answers in an instant. It’s like a tutor in the palm of your hand.


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